Version History

Version P1 (Prototype 1) -- 03.05.2016

First prototype of the website! Features simple sound and a counter (non-saved).

Version P2 (Prototype 2) -- 15.05.2016

Second prototype of the website! Features more complex sound (multiplay, ..) and a saved counter via PHP/JS.

Version P3 (Prototype 3) -- 24.05.2016

The third prototype, woo! Features SQL implementation via PHP, with the help of Kagumi (see credits).

Version 1.0 (!) -- 04.06.2016

Woohoo, initial release! Features a sidebar with contact info as well as links to partner sites. Also, counter is now saved in cache (background), while the counter seen on the page is instantly updated. (Meaning that even if cache gets under load, the button will keep up for you personally, and update in the background. This may result in discrepancies if you press the button fast and instantly refresh, but don't worry!)

Version 1.1 -- 28.06.2016

At last, finals are over! This version adds sound randomization for the button, so you'll no longer exclusively hear "yamero", but also various others such as her name intro! (Currently 5 different sounds have been implemented. I am open to add more if I am provided with a theme-fitting crop of the sound in mp3 format.)

Version 1.2 -- 05.11.2016

Well, I sure haven't done anything in a long time. This update makes the switch from MySQL to SQLite, introduces a whole bunch of new sounds as well as minor improvements to the CSS and HTML. And a little information: I plan on adding more sounds once Season 2 goes live, so stay tuned for that!

Version 1.3 - 18.12.2016

It is finally time -- the website now has live updates for the counter! Never refresh the page just to see if anyone besides you has clicked the button ever again, just sit back and watch! This version also adds a soundboard for all your megumin needs, whenever and wherever you want, so go wild with your favorites. In addition several minor adjustments have been made, which however do not add any extra functionality.

Version 2.0 - 16.04.2017

A complete rewrite of the website's backend from PHP to Node.js! The website now has a real live-updating counter, no more simulated updating after 1,5 seconds. In addition, two template error pages (404 & 500) have been added, ion.sound was replaced with howler.js. The counter should now also operate faster, as memcached caching has been removed. The counter is from here on out cached directly in the server's memory, meaning no additional time-consuming requests have to be made.

Version 2.1 - 01.06.2017

Statistics, hooray! No longer will the questions "I wonder how many clicks there have been today/this week/this month?" go unanswered! Statistics are automatically updated into database and also live-update along with the front page counter. Also, "/x.html" links such as "" are now redirected to just "/x", e.g. "", provided the page actually exists. This is because previously that is how the pages were accessed, as early visitors may know. Oh, and pretty formatted counters in "" format! Plus some minor changes that do not affect the user.

Version 2.2 - 03.06.2017

Actually not that many changes here, but wanted to write this for the sake of consistency. This update only changes things unrelated to the user, such as using object deconstruction on various modules, moving all code-related files to a source folder away from environment files such as travis or eslint. Also, minor non-breaking dependency updates.

Version 2.3 - 24.06.2017

The soundboard is finally adjusted to work on mobile, hooray! This is thanks to GitHub User Danktuary, as noted in the credits. In addition to that, the inner workings of the website have been further optimized. And lastly, you can now get more precise statistics from dates before today! So if anyone wants to somehow integrate the website's statistics in an app of their own, they now can, using the '/statistics' endpoint ( Check out the website's Wiki on the GitHub Repo (or click the link on the statistics page of the website itself) for more information.

Version 2.4 - 31.07.2017

Another improvement of the soundboard -- this time one more focused on the development side, rather than the user's side. All of the soundboard's content is now dynamically created based on the registered sounds, without having to manually create all of the required HTML elements such as the titles, the button wrapper or the buttons themselves. Adding new categories (seasons) is also done automatically, meaning developers only have to change a single file instead of multiple ones. See the updated README / the GitHub release for details on new usage.

Version 3.0 - 21.09.2017

Major version, breaking changes, woop. This release adds a ranking for the soundboard! Ever wondered which button on the soundboard is the most popular? Your question shall be answered! (As soon as some time after the implementation of this passes...) In addition, some various fixes such as typos or small design errors have been applied. The firstRun setting has been removed and the server now always makes sure the database both exists and is fit for usage with the website! Yay for less user configuration! Lastly, various behind-the-scenes changes have been made to make the code less repetitive and more reusable (also colorful logs!).

Version 4.0 - 06.12.2017

Another major version. A lot of background changes in this one, but there's a few user features too. Background changes include reducing the information that is sent on each counter update (reducing bandwidth usage for the user and my server), the "season" setting being renamed to "source" so that you can add sounds from other sources easier than you could before, replacing the mp3 default sounds with ogg versions and falling back to mp3 format (aac completely removed) as well as a safeguard for non-existing sound events being emitted from the soundboard -- the biggest background change however would the switch from to uws. There's a lot more, you can check the GitHub release for that. Changes visible to the user include higher-quality images (backgrounds, sidebar), with the sidebar even transitioning to a vector graphic for that beautiful scaling. Also, some design adjustments have been made so the website looks more unified and better on most modern browsers. The biggest feature coming in this release however are the randomized backgrounds! Currently the website randomizes which background will be shown to the user out of six in total, but there is also an option to stop the randomization and instead use one of the backgrounds of your choice. And lastly, the "version" page you are on as you are reading this has been renamed to "versions", which makes more sense. Again, more changes are listed on the GitHub releases page.

Version 5.0 - 28.01.2018

Third time's the charm, major update. The main backend feature which the user doesn't see is that how the website saves data has been restructured, so information about sounds isn't saved in JSON anymore but in the database. The amount of soundboard clicks (i.e. rankings) are now stored alongside the sound's filename, displayname and source, which should be more efficient. This change requires you to run a database migration script which I have provided in the repository. Use it before trying to boot the website. The major frontend feature, which the user (or in this case, the admin) does see is the new admin panel. Using this panel you can do three things: Upload new sounds, rename existing ones or delete sounds. Each action will also be live-updated onto the soundboard, the rankings and the main page -- so currently visiting users will be served new sounds as soon as they are uploaded, the soundboard will be rebuilt to adjust itself for potential new sections or renamed/deleted sounds and the rankings list will adjust itself to account for the change done via the admin panel. Absolutely no code is required to use the panel, only text and file input in a form which you submit and the server then processes. Logging into the admin panel requires a password you can configure in the website's configuration file (see the instructions provided in the GitHub Repository). Besides this, various small adjustments have been made that do not have a big impact on user or admin.

Version 5.1 - 16.07.2018

This update brings a few statistical features. The statistics api endpoint now supports the "over", "under" and "equals" arguments to capture only dates that match the given numbers. In addition to this, a yearly counter as well as a chart showcasing the monthly clicks over time have been added to the statistics page. Besides that, two new backgrounds have been added to the randomization / the choice. Some refactoring and updating has been done behind the scenes too, but users aren't directly affected by this.

Version 6.0 - 12.09.2018

I like breaking things because my code is bad, so woop, version 6.0 is here. There are a lot of changes in this version like changing the name of some database tables in the background to make more sense, as well as actually restructuring the API routes to not be horribly structured. In addition to this, some modules this website uses to run have been replaced with more lightweight ones. For the changes that actually affect the person using the page, there is now a "crazy mode". This mode makes it so that whenever someone that is currently viewing the page presses a sound on the main page or soundboard while you have this mode enabled the same sound that played for them played for you -- and this applies to every person clicking. If there were 100 people clicking different buttons, you would hear 100 sounds playing, thus I dubbed it "crazy mode". There's also a newly documented sounds endpoint to get info on all available sounds (see GitHub repo Wiki)

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